miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011

Echologist - Subterranean, Album previews

Steadfast Records
CD, Album
25 April, 2011
dub techno, ambient
(produced by Brendon Moeller)

Brendon Moeller, aka Echologist and Beat Pharmacy needs no introduction. His work with numerous fine labels such as Francois K’s Deep Space Media, Ann Aimee, Rekids, Mule, Echocord, Third Ear, Electric Deluxe, Ostgut Ton, to mention but a few, speaks for itself. Whether it be serious dancefloor bizniz, or dubbed out bass-scapes and experimentalism, his music has always possesses a quality and signature that continues to captivate a worldwide audience. This is his seventh full length album.

Subterranean is a deeply narcotic listening experience. Subtly evolving atmospheres, hypnotic sub-basslines, reverb-soaked drones and lush vibrating textures abound. All elements possess their own pulse and cadence, but stay in sync to create an otherworldly sub-aquatic experience.

The album gently ebbs and flows as exquisite modulations and articulations create a mesmerizing ambience that is at times as propulsive as it is passive. Minimal without being cliched, dubby without being played-out, repetitive without being dull. This is not music to be analyzed, it is to be felt, both physically via the bass tones and emotionally via the haunting ambience. Seemingly endless, the meditative soundscapes here are not merely indolence but rather a quest for the feverish outer limits of spacious bliss. Shoegaze techno? Perhaps.


01. Subterranean
02. Slow Burn (Filter Dub)
03. Lunar Cycle
04. Ritual (Phased Rework)
05. Deliberate
06. Swell (Modular Take)
07. Junkyard
08. Creation


El Sueño de La Casa Propia - Historial de Caídas Remixes

netlabel: Pueblo Nuevo
12 April, 2011
12 x track: mp3, ogg, FLAC
IDM, pop, acid, folk, breakbeat

"El Sueño de la Casa Propia" is a chilean one-man project by José Manuel Cerda, from the lovely city of Valparaíso. He released his first LP the past year: a caleidoscopic mixture of sampled experimental electronica, acid pop and chilean folk sounds, called "Historial de Caídas" under the experimental,electronic netlabel Pueblo Nuevo. One year later, it reveals a new album consisting on 12 reinterpretations of the original tracks by several chilean artists like De Janeiros, deMentira and Blit, as well as the venezuelan Algodón Egipcio and the mexican Sr. Amable.
"Historial de Caídas Remixes" introduces the listener into the avantgarde independent music from the end of the world, and the interesting experience of traditional south american music meeting new tendencies in electronica, indie pop and free improvisation.

Gabriel Reyes

01. En mangas de camisa (De Janeiros Remix)
02. Sosiega-T (Miopec "Sosiégate!" Remix)
03. Cortina de humo (Algodón Egipcio Remix)
04. Un paso al costado (Yo soy dios, vecinos) (Sr. Amable Remix)
05. A la velocidad del amor (Ricardo Tobar Remix)
06. Puertas adentro (Pepepe Remix)
07. Amarillo naciente (Mika Martini feat. Catalina "Amarillo Crepúsculo" Remix)
08. En la medida de lo posible (deMentira Remix)
09. De oro la voluntad (María y José "Voluntad de oro" Remix)
10. Amarillo crepúsculo (Alejandro Paz Remix)
11. Acomódate en el suelo (Blit Remix)
12. Voluntad de oro (Sokio Remix)