domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

Altering Illusions: 5 Years of Echospace

Label: echospace [detroit] – echospace 313 LP-1,
Crosstalk – CROSS06LP
Format: 4 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Mixed Color / CD, Album
Released: 24 Jan 2012
dub techno, experimental, ambient, dub

Unreleased tracks and versions from Echospace masters Rod Modell (Deepchord, cv313) and Stephen Hitchell (cv313, Soultek, Intrusion, Variant) celebrating the label's first 5 years. Intoxicating, blissful Dub Techno and submerged ambiences for deep diving as just Echospace can do. Enjoy.

A1 Deepchord - 01-06 (cv313 Rework I) (6:15)
A2 Deepchord - 01-06 (cv313 Rework II) (5:18)
B1 Deepchord - Electromagnetic Dowsing (cv313 Live Rewire) (9:05)
B2 Variant - A Silent Storm (cv313 Reprise) (8:20)
C1 cv313 - Infinit-1 (Intrusion's Lost Dub) (5:23)
C2 cv313 - Altering Illusion (8:48)
D1 cv313 - Above Clouds (10:02)
D2 cv313 - Hypnosphere (5:28)
E Echospace - Spatialdimension (Intrusion Dub) (10:35)
F Echospace - Spatialdimension (Intrusions Narcotic Intake) (13:15)
G Variant - As Time Stood Still (11:53)
H1 Variant - MagneticPulsation (10:08)
H2 Variant - Enchanted (14:07)

Fluxion - Traces

Label: Echocord – echocord cd011
Format: CD, Album / Vinyl, 12", EP
Released: 2012
dub techno, dub, minimal, ambient

Fluxion serves his 2nd album on Echocord, his fourth since those classic Chain Reaction sets in 1999-2000. With 'Traces' he continues to subtly plane the contours of Dub Techno into ever more fluid, spectral shapes and spaces, building on the legacy of Berlin's CR and BC cornerstones with an individual sense of soul and effortless, frictionless motion. Most notably there's an unreleased vocal appearance from Dennis Brown here on the Rhythm & Sound styled 'No Man Is An Island', providing a lighter counterpoint to the heavyweight Techno throbs of 'Eruption' or the tribal House gait of 'Motion 3' and the tunnelling 4/4 dub 'Memba', but overall the album is neatly balanced between those hydraulic basslines and moments of blissful serenity like the magical 'Stations' or the plunging, plangent chords of 'Burst Mode'. It's this refined compositional virtue and vision of his style within a style which makes Fluxion a preserve of Dub Techno connoisseurs.

source: Boomkat

01. Motion 1
02. No Man is an Island
03. Desert Nights
04. Eruption
05. Stations
06. Motion 3
07. Memba
08. Burst Mode (Edit)
09. Butiama
10. Migration
11. Motion 2 (Edit)

Mark Ernestus presents: Jeri-Jeri with Mbene Diatta Seck

Mark Ernestus presents: Jeri-Jeri with Mbene Diatta Seck
"Mbeuguel Dafa Nekh"

Label: Ndagga – ND-01
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Released: 25 Jan 2012
african roots, senegalese, dub, folk

Extra nice Ernestus specials, seeing the Basic Channel co-founder tackling Senegalese Mbalax in masterful form. After dubbing Congolese drumming on the outstanding 'Masikulu Dub', revising Shangaan Electro, and diffusing the secret rhythms of Burnt Freidman & Jaki Liebezeit, Mark Ernestus has left the Techno genre for dust and set up the Ndagga label to really indulge his twin passions for African polyrhythms and dub. Working with Mbalax musician Bakane Seck and singer Mbene Diatta Seck, he offers two of his most "swingeingly" pendulous, body-owning productions to date. The original 'Mbeuguel Dafa Nekh' is defined by fluid, rapidly intricate percussion and a yearning vocal spiced with limber bass and sparingly dubbed by a learned hand. Flipside though, Herr Ernestus really comes into his own, inciting the rhythm to dance hotfooted, darting syncopation hinging on a tidy bass tuck and punctuated with deftest guitar and vocal fragments. By the time of his triplet breakdown your body's reprogrammed to an irresistible, exotic slink that'll leave you wanting for more.

source: Boomkat

domingo, 5 de febrero de 2012

Claro Intelecto: 'Second Blood' EP - Previews

Delsin Records (91dsr)

12" Ltd / 12" / MP3 EP / WAV EP

Release date: 30 January 2012

Since emerging in 2003, UK man Claro Intelecto has pursued the deeper side of techno, and now makes his Delsin debut with a 3 track EP entitled Second Blood, which precedes the release of his full length album on the same label in march 2012.

With a discography which includes a number of 12”s, EPs and full lengths on labels like Boomkat's own Modern Love as well as Ai Records and others, Manchester man Mark Stewart is known for dropping bomb after bomb, with these new efforts being no different.

First up, the title track 'Second Blood' is a lazy, scuffed and romantic sounding deep dub cut that lurches from one beat to the next with a lazy smile and soft eyes. Plenty of echo and reverb have it drifting off into the distance as warm pads and rising strings add subtle tension.

Another lazy roller but this time with brighter melodic flashes, next effort 'Heart' is just as lateral, dubwise and soothing as the title track, melting your mind into a dreamy state of hypnosis before b2 'Voyeurism' lifts you out of your trance with a firmer kick drum, more cutting claps and groove that bounces a little more than it rolls. Some taught acid notes appear eventually, rounding off a cerebral, dead of night EP made as much for home listening as it is gentle Sunday afternoon comedowns. Essential stuff.

a1.Claro Intelecto - Second Blood
b1.Claro Intelecto - Heart
b2.Claro Intelecto - Voyeurism