domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

Fluxion - Traces

Label: Echocord – echocord cd011
Format: CD, Album / Vinyl, 12", EP
Released: 2012
dub techno, dub, minimal, ambient

Fluxion serves his 2nd album on Echocord, his fourth since those classic Chain Reaction sets in 1999-2000. With 'Traces' he continues to subtly plane the contours of Dub Techno into ever more fluid, spectral shapes and spaces, building on the legacy of Berlin's CR and BC cornerstones with an individual sense of soul and effortless, frictionless motion. Most notably there's an unreleased vocal appearance from Dennis Brown here on the Rhythm & Sound styled 'No Man Is An Island', providing a lighter counterpoint to the heavyweight Techno throbs of 'Eruption' or the tribal House gait of 'Motion 3' and the tunnelling 4/4 dub 'Memba', but overall the album is neatly balanced between those hydraulic basslines and moments of blissful serenity like the magical 'Stations' or the plunging, plangent chords of 'Burst Mode'. It's this refined compositional virtue and vision of his style within a style which makes Fluxion a preserve of Dub Techno connoisseurs.

source: Boomkat

01. Motion 1
02. No Man is an Island
03. Desert Nights
04. Eruption
05. Stations
06. Motion 3
07. Memba
08. Burst Mode (Edit)
09. Butiama
10. Migration
11. Motion 2 (Edit)

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