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Deepchord Presents Echospace - "Silent World [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]"

echospace [detroit] – Echospace 313-LP-2
3 × Vinyl, 12", LP, Limited Edition, Mixed Color 
CD, Mixed, Album 
24 Jul 2012
dub techno, field-recoding, ambient

Rod Modell and Steven Hitchell present their first Echospace album since Modern Love's 'Liumin' issue in 2010. The material on 'Silent World' formed the basis for that Modern Love release, but here is revealed unadorned, left untreated and unprocessed from its original 1/2" tape to preserve the sublime organic integrity of the recordings. The triple vinyl features seven tracks ranging from rolling House to stepping Dubs and beatless pools of tranquility while the CD plays through 71 minutes of the 'Official Motion Picture Soundtrack

From the liner notes:

Sonic Theory: 
“Silence is where enlightenment exists. Doing nothing, thinking nothing, resisting nothing, we are expressing pure self to self. It is in solitude that we are able to understand our own enlightenment. Only in silence, we can acknowledge and release modules of our consciousness that lead to unhappiness. In these mystical quiet-zones, we become whole. Transformation is possible only in the sacred realm of silence. Atmospheric elements composed with snapshots of normally unheard sonic worlds.
Captured with hydrophones, piezo-electric transducers, wind harps, and binaural dummy-head microphones, these phonographs were further accentuated with proprietary processing to reveal even deeper layers, then blended with care to retain the full mystical element of the source recordings.”

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