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Pole - "Waldgeschichten" EP's Previews

After a long break, pole is returning in 2011.
This break was necessary for pole to find his musical direction and produce a series of new tracks, starting with this 12inch. Other music will be released later this year and in 2012.
With these three easy going and wonderful works, pole connects once more with his past. From his albums “1”, “2” and “3” via “pole” to “Steingarten”, pole rediscovers and reworks the characteristic warmth and deepness of his sound.
Bass and space are at the heart of both this new release and the specially established artist label “pole.”
The warm experimental atmosphere is grooving slow and easy, carried from the funk of an old rhythm machine and connected through pole´s typically endless echo chambers.
release date: oct 3rd 2011, on 12inch vinyl and digital

Released by: Pole
Release/catalogue number: PL10
Release date: Oct 3, 2011

A-Wipfel-Excerpt by pole original

B1-Wurzel-Excerpt by pole original

B2-Wipfel Dub-Excerpt by pole original

'Waldgeschichten 2', 12 EP"

This is the second 12 inch by pole, one of a new series of releases called “Waldgechichten” which will end in a CD release in 2012.

Approaching the end of the year, pole presents another spacey and heavy bass 12 inch. Two melancholic, quiet tracks full of crackles and endless space, made for this winter.
It seems that the warmth of these two tracks is glancing around a corner of a cold urban wall, just to say: “Soon, and it will be summer again.”
In contrast to the first 12 inch “Waldgeschichten,” with its use of full chords, this new production is marked by its use of spaces, which seems to expand until they collapse and enfold the listener.

release date: dec 5th 2011 - distributed via Kompakt (vinyl & digital)

Released by: pole
Release/catalogue number: P11
Release date: Dec 5, 2011 1

A-Aue-Excerpt by pole original

B Pirol-Excerpt by pole original

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